The Port’s the Place

A new home is the single largest purchase most of us are ever likely to make.

Choosing the right property, in the right location – and of course at the right price – is key if you want to be sure you’ve made a sound investment.

If you’ve already bought a home in Ellesmere Port – congratulations! Average values have increased over the past three years by 7%.

But if you’re looking to move to an area with a booming economy, where jobs are plentiful and homes are superb value for money, then you’re certainly looking in the right place.

House prices, jobs, and new businesses are all on the up in Ellesmere Port. And with £2.8 billion of forecast investment heading to the town, the future is looking very bright indeed.

Have you just bought a new home in Ellesmere Port or thinking of buying one? Tell us why you think The Ports the Place in return for shopping vouchers! We are looking for case studies to take part in our campaign, get in touch with us at


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