Howard R Hopwood

Chairman, HARMAN Technology Limited

Howard has worked in the Photographic Business for 40 years and is Chairman of HARMAN technology, which is the company that bought the ILFORD Black and White business in 2004 out of receivership.

He began as a Research Chemist, developing Silver Halide emulsions then moved into Technical Service to support the launch of the world’s first Chromogenic Black and White Film (the negative contained no silver).

Subsequently, Howard moved into marketing where he established ILFORD as ‘Best in Black and White’ through the establishment of International Sales and Marketing Teams and the launching of leading edge Black and White Films and Papers.

When ILFORD moved into Digital Photography, in the 1990’s, Howard became Head of Worldwide Marketing and launched the first ILFORD Inkjet printing materials for home and professional use, as well as Inkjet products for Wide Format Graphics.

As Marketing Director Howard introduced new traditional Black and White Papers that could be printed from Digital files and established the HARMAN Brand as a high quality Inkjet Brand that is now used on Fine Art products by Hahnemuehle.

Howard is Chairman of HARMAN technology based in Mobberley and has responsibility for new business development.

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