Safety first at family-owned cruise operator ChesterBoat

Last Thursday ChesterBoat hauled their three working passenger boats out of the River Dee and onto dry land for a winter overhaul. All 3 boats, The Lady Diana, The Mark Twain and The Jackie weigh a combined

Using a 250 tonne crane the Maritime and Coastguard agency carefully manoeuvred the 3 vessels from their usual home in the River Dee to their week long temporary home, a car park on Sandy lane.

Whilst out of the water the boats will stripped down, ballasts removed and flooring lifted up. The Maritime and Coastguard agency will carry out running trials where they will check the engines steering and all the safety equipment is in order.

The boats are then checked every 6 months by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to make sure all the safe working practices are being carried out. Running alongside regular training and drills for ChesterBoat’s team of skippers and stewards, including a recent safety drill that involved local emergency services.

ChesterBoat was established 30 years ago and has remained a family-owned business, offering a range of cruises varying from sightseeing to parties.

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