Nantwich shop helps breakfast company kick start good health

Major South Cheshire employer Mornflake is taking the breakfast industry by storm with the launch of products to help kick-start 2020 with improved digestive health.

Fibreful Oatbran Porridge, with double the fibre of rolled oats, is endorsed by the charity Guts UK which works to raise awareness of digestive health and help people affected by diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas. The product, in recyclable packaging, contains heart healthy beta glucans and chicory inulin – a natural wonder food which supports the growth of gut flora.

Also new on supermarket shelves is Miller’s Reserve Stoneground Coarse Oatmeal, an organic superior porridge with a nutty and creamy texture. Its presentation, in orange tins, is inspired by Mornflake’s archives and demonstrates the company’s commitment to responsible packaging.

The company is run by the Lea family who began milling in Swettenham in 1675 and the tins pay homage to 15 generations of milling excellence and roots in South Cheshire: “The place we still call home.”

Richard Jones, marketing manager, said: “Consumers are more conscious than ever about the food they eat and where it comes from. Food trends such as veganism and flexitarian diets are underlined by the desire to reduce carbon footprint and improve health with an eating regime. This is nothing new to Mornflake. For decades we have campaigned for people to make oats part of a healthy lifestyle and have pioneered new products making it easy for them to be enjoyed on-the-go and in recipes.”

The company, which employs 250 people, has won a plethora of coveted busi­ness awards over the years, notably Export of the Year at the South Cheshire Chamber Business Awards, the International Grand Medaille D’Or and Chronicle’s Pride of Crewe award as an international ambassador for the town.

Last year managing director John Lea received a special award for services to the food and drink industry over 50 years. The Food and Drink Federation praised the company’s dedication to quality and innovation.

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