Little Legs To Plod For Pod

GULLIVER'S family theme parks are delighted to announce that Toddler Plod is back for its fourth year!

On Thursday, September 21, at all three of Gulliver's family theme park locations in Warrington, Matlock Bath, and Milton Keynes, hundreds of toddlers will step out on a short sponsored walk beginning at noon.

The Toddler Plod will raise money for Gulliver's chosen charity POD. POD Children's Charity magicians, puppeteers, musicians, and clowns bring a little magic, fun, and laughter into the lives of children in hospital when they need it most. They provide monthly shows in over 150 hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

‘Plodding' consists of five short stages of around 50 metres each, led by Gulliver's mascot Gully Mouse and members of the Gully Gang. It will start with Gilly's Gentle Plod to get little legs started before children will be challenged to plod like a piggy, an elephant waving its trunk in the air and a lion (roaring all the way!). Then, Gully's Grand Plod will see toddlers toddle in procession to the finish line. 

The park will be open from 11am on the day for registration for the Toddler Plod. There will be entertainment, music, dancing, face painting, character appearances and more. It is a great day out for preschool and toddler groups, as well as families with under-fives.

With the Plod under their belts, participants are welcome to stay and enjoy theme park fun, with specially selected rides and attractions open just for little ones from 12-30 to 2-30pm, and entertainers will be on hand to bring an extra dose of fun to the special day. 

To register for the Toddler Plod costs just £3, plus a minimum £3 sponsorship donation which goes directly to POD. You can also boost your fundraising for POD by downloading a sponsorship form from the Gulliver's website (, helping to bring smiles to the faces of children in hospital.

Each child participating in the Toddler Plod will receive a certificate and a fantastic prize pack filled with loads of goodies. 

Pauline Bennett, Charity Co-ordinator for POD, said: "We at POD are really pleased that Gulliver's are once again doing a Plod for Pod event to raise money for the poorly children in hospitals.

"So many smiles have been made with the money which little toddlers have helped to raise. It is a fantastic event.

"I attended the one in Warrington and was touched to see the little ones walk past the rides before being allowed on them. Many parents and carers came up to me and gave me the money they had raised and explained they had a child who had benefitted from a visit from a POD entertainer and how it had changed their mood for the rest of their stay in hospital."

One happy parent, said: "April was having a terrible school holidays being in hospital for weeks, but then Mrs. Sparkle came to see us working for Pod charity xx thank you Mrs. Sparkle."

Wendy, a magician, and ventriloquist for POD, said: "The children's laughter was gorgeous. Fits of giggles until they could laugh no more. I did get a bit choked up (this is rare) during the show this time, because one father of a little four-year-old girl, upon hearing his daughters laughter again, kept silently crying and wiping tears away from his eyes, when I heard my Big Dog's voice cracking a bit… I thought ‘WENDY! Pull yourself together girl!' It went well, albeit emotional."

Participants can sign up and download sponsor forms online now at

For more about POD visit:

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