Corporate Partnership


We invite you

to take advantage of an exciting opportunity that will not only build and strengthen your networks across Cheshire, but allow us to collectively promote the county as a great place to visit, invest and live.

As you know there are many great companies based in Cheshire, and one thing which many of them have in common is a strong desire to attract the right people to live and work in the area. With that in mind, we at Marketing Cheshire are working to build a strong Corporate Partnership Scheme that is made up of key businesses across the sub-region to promote this.

Why are we doing this?

There are a number of key reasons

  • To promote and celebrate Cheshire as a fantastic place to invest, live and work
  • to position Cheshire as one of the UK's leading areas to do business by showcasing it as the home of not only large international organisations, but also a thriving start-up community
  • to create desire among those looking to relocate and assist partners in attracting talent to the area
  • to inspire and engage businesses to build strong sub-regional links through an inclusive programme

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Sign up to our corporate partnership scheme from just £500. 

To build a strong network, we need the support from our most successful Cheshire based organisations. We are looking for partners who are keen to get involved at a range of different levels and in different ways.