Try the ‘World’s Best Cheese’ in Ginger (It’s British!)

Ginger Wine Bar and Deli on Northgate street has today taken delivery of the ‘World’s Best Cheese’. Chosen from over 3000 kinds of cheese from 35 countries, The Guild of Fine Food announced the news from Taste of London at on Friday 17 November.

The top cheese, the Cornish Kern is a 16-month matured cow’s milk cheese, it is medium hard and is described as being buttery, with a deep aroma of caramel notes. Produced by the Cornish maker, Lynher Dairies the cheese is rind washed, a fashionable production method at the moment and coated with black wax. The name Kern comes from the Cornish 'round' describing the shape of the cheese.

The special edition to Ginger's deli counter will be available for a limited time, so be sure to try it on one of our deli sharing boards before it's gone. It's top of the cheese world at the moment and is definitely not one to be missed.

Find out more here.

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