Sustainability generates creativity in city display

A creative approach to recycling and upcycling is on display in Chester city centre.

Following a theme of sustainability, work by students on a number of creative programmes can be seen in The Forum Shopping Centre throughout November.

The pieces were produced as part of Collaboration Week, a special event where students from first, second and third year on all seven Art and Design programmes (Fashion Design, Fine Art, Fashion Marketing and Communication, Product Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Interior Design) come together to work on a project. This type of experience emulates their future working environment which often involves collaborating across disciplines, team work and creative problem solving.

The students worked together for two days to produce art work, designs, films and objects that focus attention on sustainability. They used reclaimed, found and discarded materials to do this, putting the sustainability agenda into practice in the making of the work.

The pieces focussed on the sustainability theme in several ways: making new art work from reclaimed materials; finding creative ways to educate and inform about sustainability and change behaviour; upcycling unwanted clothes, accessories and objects; and drawing attention to the political and social aspects of sustainability. Items for upcycling and recycling were generously provided by the Barnardo’s charity and the exhibition is supported by The Forum Shopping Centre, where the University has a creative gallery space which plays host to changing exhibitions.

The pieces will be available to view until the end of November.

Dr Tracy Piper-Wright, Deputy Head of Art and Design, said: “Sustainability has to be at the forefront of our thinking in all aspects of our life, and art and design practice is no exception. In our teaching, we ask our students to consider how we manage resources and how we can take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Artists and designers are well placed to come up with creative and innovative solutions that can help us in our mission for a sustainable future.”

Caption: Work produced by the student group.

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