Internationally acclaimed show comes to Warrington

History History History

Fri 1 June, 7:30pm at Pyramid arts centre
Available from Pyramid Box Office or by calling 
01925 442345

History, History, History is a groundbreaking work that combines themes of family, war and immigration to tell a fascinating story about one of the biggest political uprisings of the 20th century.

In 1956, all eyes in Europe turned to Budapest, where a major revolt was taking place against the USSR. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the street in protest, during which many lost their lives. Even more people were forced to flee the country. The backdrop to this rebellion was the city’s Corvin Theatre. This theatre was scheduled to host the premiere of a Soviet-sponsored sports comedy the same week of the uprising.

Writer Deborah Pearson takes this film and adds layers of narrative to tell three distinct stories. These stories include the making of the film, the uprising itself and Deborah’s own family history.

Find out more about the show in this exclusive interview with Deborah Pearson.

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