Housekeeper helps Carden Park guests sleep more soundly

With spring in the air, Carden Park: Cheshire’s Country Estate, a four-star resort in the heart of Cheshire is the ideal place for a perfect night’s sleep, thanks partly to the efforts of Head of Housekeeping Rachel Bartlett and her team of 45 housekeepers.
Rachel Bartlett from Penycae, Wrexham has been in the housekeeping department at Carden Park for more than 14 years and has some clever tips to share from her job at the Hotel.

“We do lots of training on how to strip and remake our pocket sprung mattress beds. We refer to our duvet covers as Flippers or Feeders, flippers where we flip the cover over the duvet or feeders where we thread the duvet up through the cover and we challenge ourselves to strip and remake a bed in a few minutes only.”

With such impressive longevity in the job, Rachel has perfected her techniques, including letting the fresh country air vent into the room to welcome the new guests and double checking all nooks and crannies to see that all rooms are Carden Park standard.

Rachel explains, “every housekeeper undertakes 2 weeks training to perfect their bed making skills and to learn about everything cleaning wise such as the chemicals we use to clean the rooms, how to replenish the tea and coffee stations, toiletries and linen and the importance of general cleanliness and opening the windows wide to allow the rooms to breathe. We know a clean room means happy guests.”

This routine that has not gone unnoticed by the many satisfied people that have checked in to the four-star resort but also the many talented housekeepers that Rachel has passed her experience on to.

Having successfully changed 100s of beds a day in an impressive average time of 5 minutes per bed, Rachel and her team flourished in the hotel’s 25-year celebrations last year and want 2018 to be even better!

The top of the range bedrooms some of which include Carden Luxury Suites; are all prepared to perfection by Rachel and her hardworking housekeepers and will be ready for guests this Easter.

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