Google changes affecting your webpage

Dear Partner,

Google is currently in the process of lowering the internet rankings of pages with thin content and on internet pages and products which do not fulfill the users intent. This means that product pages with low word counts and very few or no images will start to drop in rankings. This means fewer bookings and views for our partners who have not filled out their product profiles completely.

Please, can everyone make sure that you have 500 - 800 words on your product page. Separate the copy into paragraphs and include relevant subheadings. Please include quality landscape images and be sure to use the 'alt text' field to describe the image including a couple of keywords. e.g. 'Luxury bedrooms at The Chester Grosvenor' or 'The cafe at Anderton Boat Lift'

If you feel your product page has sufficient content we would advise that you add 80 - 100 words and rearrange your paragraphs. This will give your page a 'fresh content' status which will make the page rank better. 

It is important to remember that most of the traffic generated online comes from the top 3 positions in search engines eg Google. Your own website should be number 1 for your company name plus your location. (check you have Google My Business set up if this is not the case) If you can get your product page into position 2 or 3 then it will refer traffic to you and you will maximize on traffic coming to your site and improve your business."

Read more about the Google algorithm here.

If you need help with this or have any questions please contact Phillippa Meachin

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